First off thanks for stopping by. You look hot today.

This site started as a blog because I’m a people watcher. In cafés, on buses, in restaurants, chances are I’m looking around and listening to the people the next table over. You hear and see some interesting things when you look around and eavesdrop.  When I started Reading Over People’s Shoulders in 2013 I was commuting a lot so it seemed only natural I write those things down in a public forum because why keep those gems to myself?

However, times have changed. I no longer commute; though I am still an avid people watcher. I have grown in all aspects of my life, including my writing. I write about whatever ridiculous thing comes to mind or happens to me. I strive for humour, honesty, and entertainment.  Please feel free to tell me I’m not funny- I’m not going to believe you anyway.


You can also check me out at my main site here and follow the progress of my various writing projects, writing tips, and other things pertaining to writing.


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