Rob Ford and Taxes

There are two things I can look forward to reading in my daily Metro on my way to work: a good Rob Ford story, and some griping about various taxes.

Some notes on Rob Ford:

– He is a man who takes the saying “any publicity is good publicity” to new heights.

– To all the Rob Ford Naysayers: If being found guilty of conflict of interest, being removed from office, only to be able to return to office didn’t get rid of him, the new “crack scandal” won’t either. Seriously though….the crack would explain a lot.

– What is up with him coaching football….really? No….really?

– I wonder how these football players parents feel about him coaching…if he coaches as good as he runs the city…

– Remember that time he was photographed reading documents while driving…who knew those would be the good ol’days.

– How is his brother even allowed to work with him? Is that even fair?

– Anyone else wonder if Rob Ford is just some sort of puppet? I mean after all this time, all his glaring mistakes, all his bizarre behaviour, he’s still in office and still has a ton of support? I feel like he’s a distraction by the government “Hey everyone, look at what Rob Ford is doing now…pay no attention to the men behind the curtain!”

– I saw a picture of Rob Ford kissing a baby at his annual picnic, and all I could think was “really…you’d let him touch your child?” and also “why the hell do politicians kiss babies?” and then “hey, remember that movie where Will Farrel was running for some sort of politician thing and he punched a baby…that was funny. I wonder if Rob Ford has punched a baby…even if he hasn’t I bet if the paper ran it people would believe it” (You’re welcome print media!)

– For better or for worse Rob Ford brings entertainment to every Torontonian’s day. Keep up the good work!


Some thoughts on taxes:

– It seems society never gets tired about complaining about taxes.

-Taxes suck, but you’re never getting rid of them so suck it up.

– Listen (Rob Ford) you are not going to be able to get any infrastructure for the TTC without some taxes…and by god we need better transit!

– I lived in the UK for 3 years…you want to see high taxes go talk to a Brit!

-The difference, however, is that you can SEE where the taxes are going in the UK. Streets are clean (except after a Friday or Saturday night…looks like a fast food wrapper bomb went off), health care is incredible- seriously it beats anything we got, and there is a bus on every damn street that comes every 5 minutes, and there are about 20 (give or take…I may be exaggerating) subway lines, so even if there is a delay on one you can still get to where you are going in good time.

-I say stop whining about how much your paying and start demanding some accountability for where that money is going. I’ll gladly pay higher taxes if I can reap the benefits.



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