Park Benches

My apartment is conveniently located across from a small parkette. It provides a lovely view of something other than high rises, it has the most beautiful bright pink flowers at the moment- I’m looking out my bay window at them right now. I should go over tomorrow and see what kind of flowers they are-maybe take a picture.

I often gaze out my bay window at the people across in the parkette and I notice a lot of different people. Lots of people walk their dogs there, because its one of the only green spaces in the area. I love dogs, so I enjoy watching them meeting other dogs, sniffing each other, peeing on stuff, being cute, while their owners chat about various topics relating to dog ownership (I assume).
In the morning there is an elderly  gentleman who sits on the benches and seems to take a nap. There is also a payphone (I know right!) off to the side of the parkette where crazy ladies enjoy screaming various obscenities to what I can only hope is another person on the other end.

Every evening two gentlemen sit on the exact same bench. I was surprised to see them earlier sitting on a different bench until I noticed that another gentleman was sitting in their normal spot. I often wonder about these two gentlemen. Who are they? What do they spend hours talking about? Are they friends? Partners? What is their story?
When I glanced back out they had reclaimed their rightful bench.

That bench got a lot of action last night. I was in a fit of heat induced insomnia and I got up around 1:30 am to get some water and cool down and I peered out my window to the street below. There on the gentlemen’s bench were two teenagers making out like it was the end of the world. I watched them off and on as I tried to cool off by the window. It made me think of being a teenager and thinking that no one in the world could see you sitting on a park bench in the middle of the night. There was a sense of invincibility, anonymity, not to mention the sea of hormones that made every experience seem vital and earth moving. I envied those young people on the bench, out late celebrating the freedom summer. Enjoy it, those moments are fleeting and pass too soon with the burdens and drastically different hormones of adulthood.


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