“My Spinbrush was Possessed” OR “Why I Should Have Just Bought A New Toothbrush”

Technology is an amazing beast! Why just the other day I discovered how to link my Twitter feed to this here blog (go check it out, waaaaaaay at the bottom there, and while you are down there go ahead a click follow…you know you want to!). Yes, that was a shameless self promotion- and yes you will find every little slightly humourous or otherwise thought that crosses my mind there for as long as I remember Twitter is a thing.

Now where was I? Oh yes- technology!

I love technology…well so do you obviously because you are here! Of course we are all very much dependent upon it. At times it can be a hindrance but usually it is such a delightful waste of time- read: I spent 3 hours last night watching Pewdepie play Alice: The Madness Returns. That’s right- I’m a bro! I can now swear in Swedish- you know that has to come in handy!

Technology can also be a great resource for acquiring and spreading knowledge, and just plain helpful. You can pretty much find anything you want on Youtube.


Yes, even this. Though I’m not sure why you’d want to. Who am I kidding? Yes I do.

Sometimes, though, technology just down right confounds me.

The other day there was a sale at Shoppers  for Spinbrush toothbrush heads, and it just so happened my toothbrush required a new one so it was a match made in heaven.

The head pops on and off like a greased up deaf guy so I had no problem there. High on the triumph of my success, I tried to change my batteries while I was at it and I was faced with this helpful pictogram:


In hindsight it seems pretty straight forward.

If my Spinbrush came with an instructional manual, I promptly threw it out long ago without reading it- because I am rebel like that. I had no prior experience changing the batteries due to capitalism’s tendency to make the stupid heads more expensive than purchasing a brand new brush.
Being a mildly intelligent person I knew that there really were only a handful of ways to get at the mysterious innards of the Spinbrush. I proceeded to spend the next hour pulling, twisting, yanking, slamming, nail ripping, swearing (in Swedish), crying, and performing a complex ritualistic exorcism on the demon that had clearly possessed my toothbrush and was preventing me from getting to its much coveted power source. Then I did the only thing a relatively sane person would do- I went to the Google!

Low and behold one of the first hits was for an instructional video on how to open the confounding toothbrush. I sifted through a few not wanting to resort to smashing the bottom with a hammer or using a screw driver to pry the damn thing open- both heavily supported options. Finally, I found a fine gent who knew the secret to opening it without destroying it! To open the Spinbrush you need: a masters in physics, preferably some engineering experience, a degree in symbology, and you need to know the secret password handshake combo.

Heaving a sigh of relief that I was not alone (obviously there is a niche market out there for videos on how to open Spinbrushes) I settled in to watch the most amazing things I’ve ever seen. The damn thing SNAPS open! You have to hold it a very specific way and then have body-builder like muscles to exert the necessary force to get it to snap open. Or, if you are like me and have the upper body strength of Gumby, you leverage the brush on the edge of the table. It was a contest of wills but I was ultimately triumphant over the technology! After a nearly two-hour ordeal I was finally able to access the Fort Knox like protected power source and swap it out.

I’m not going to lie, I lifted up that toothbrush and gave out a triumphant cry He-Man styles. The people on the street who can see into my apartment window were, I daresay, as impressed as I was.


I added the Spinbrush all by myself- I’m a pro like that.


When has technology confounded you? Are you as excited as I am for when you have a personal robot assistant to do these menial tasks for you?  Before they take over the world of course. Leave me a comment complimenting me on my Photoshopesque talents so I know it wasn’t a complete waste of fifteen minutes!


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