“You Choose What I Write for NaNoWriMo” or “I’m A Horribly Indecisive Person”

National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) is just around the corner No really it starts Nov. 1 st which is exactly 11 days away. Despite my best intentions I have not prepared as much as I would have for this years marathon writing event.

For those who are not familiar with NaNoWriMo it is a month-long ‘competition’ where the goal is to write 50,000 words of original material with the intention that said 50,000 words generates a bonafide start to finished novel. You win some swag, but it’s mostly for bragging rights and, you know, actually having a complete novel.

Last year I won- meaning I wrote 50,000 (ish) original words and I got a good body of material for a novel. I was not able to write a legit start to finish novel, though. This year I am challenging myself to write an actual novel- with a beginning, middle, and end.

The only thing is that I am awful at decision-making and I just have too many ideas rattling around in my brain to pick out JUST one. So, I am turning to you for help! I have narrowed it down to three ideas which I think are manageable and realistically able to be written as a complete novel in 50,000 words. I have done a bit of work on each (which will be excluded from the final count) but not enough that any is more fleshed out than the others. I’ve got rough character sketches done, some basic plot points…plotted, and a general idea of where I want each story to go.  So, please read the synopsis’ and vote for the one that sounds like something you might want to read someday (or which one you want to torture me with by having to write).  The story with the most votes in one week will be the one I write!

(P.s. I suck at titles- especially in the early planning stages)

1. The One in Space:

Genetically modified, it is Roshana’s duty to preserve, retain, and pass on hundreds of years of knowledge. With 39 years left on her life-watch, and 120 years left in the Generational Ship’s mission to human-kind’s new home, Roshana was not expecting to have to put her lifetime of training as Archivist into practice. That was before the GenShip was forced to evacuate to the nearest life-sustaining planet. When her pod sustains damage during atmospheric entry Roshana finds herself in a position she had never been in before. Unable to contact the GenShip, access its databases, or make contact with the other pods, Roshana is her people’s only source of information. All she knows is that the strange planet has breathable air and water, and they are alone. Now, she will have to use her expansive, but incomplete, knowledge to ensure her people survive the strange planet and make their way to their home- somehow.

2. The One With The Apocalypse

Joy is a survivor, but she is certainly not a people person. Since the Plague wiped out the majority of the world’s population she has been on her own, and she has carved out her little piece of the world. It’s been two years since she last saw another human being, other than trading with the holder of the neighboring territory, and that is the way she likes it. When Simon comes crashing into her territory she is eager to see him gone as quickly as he came. Only, he is not alone. Trappers have been following him and he has inadvertently lead them directly to her. Captured and forced into slavery Joy must do her best to free herself without letting Simon or her captures know the truth of her past, and the bounty that is on her head.

3. The One that’s Not Science Fiction

If Jo had known what she was getting herself into she would never have gone to celebrate her friend, Kayla’s, separation. Between supporting Kayla, getting ready for her book’s big release, and dealing with the demon’s of her past, Jo doesn’t have time for romance. Preston is tall, dark, handsome, rich…well richer than she’ll ever be, and a whole lot of enigmatic. When Kayla hooks up with Preston’s best friend Jo is constantly thrown in his path and despite all her efforts to stay out of his world she finds herself confronted with him at every turn. Sure, he is every woman’s dream but will she be able to survive in his world without her demon’s claiming her once again?

Vote using the poll below and feel free to leave comments with feedback, ideas, and general Tom Foolery.


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