“Christmas Blog” or “Best Award Ceremony Ever”

Christmas. I celebrate it- the commercialized version of it anyway. In our family we do a Secret Santa gift exchange. We draw names in November, usually two or three times because everyone forgets who they got the first time, then we only purchase gifts for that person (and the pets). This works well because we are all poor. Some more than others. *cough*

When my sisters and I get together for any extended time only two outcomes are possible: 1) We are freaking hilarious.   Case in point:

2) We go full out Hunger Games on each other.

This Christmas we were the former. Add to the mix my youngest sister’s boyfriend and we hit full on “why are we not on tv” levels.  I’d like to share with you highlights via an impromptu award ceremony.

Most Inappropriate Conversation Award

This award goes to my sisters and I because we know the meaning of keeping it classy on Christmas morning.

Youngest sister: I L-word you. 

Me: You Lesbian him?

Other Sister: Labia? 

Youngest Sister: Labia!

Other Sister: You know, lady pieces.

Best Use of Time Award

This goes to Other Sister and myself for waking up at 6 am on Boxing Day, trekking out to Best Buy to brave the masses and get PS3s. Only to realize that it was a Webcrasher sale that ended Christmas day.

Most out of Time Statement Award

Goes to myself with a shout out to my grandfather- without whom this award would not be possible.

They are trying to get the cassette tape out of the radio.

Keeping the Child-Like Spirit of Christmas Alive Award

This award is tied between waking my mom up before 9 am on Christmas day after we were awake until 3 am; and watching Frozen three times on Christmas day. It’s not Christmas until mom is complaining we got her up too early. She really needs to let it go. See what I did there.

Best Gift Award

My youngest sister by far took this award home this year. It was hard to choose between all the amazing gifts she gave. Honourable mentions for the Costco Sized Peanut Butter and Jenga Turned into a Drinking Game (with accompanying beer). However, the ultimate winner of this category was Diamond Shaped Nipple Tassels.

What a truly memorable Christmas. A big thanks to my family for being such good sports- or at least I hope they will be when they read this.

Hope you had a great holiday as well! Did you get anything fun, exciting, inappropriate? Let me know in the comments.

Sorry this post is a bit late- demons have possessed my computer causing it to crash randomly. A New Years update will be up soon. Let me know what you think of the new look! 


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