“New Years Resolutions” or “Sorry I’m late to the party”.

Yes, It’s January 5th. Yes, I am aware that all the good bloggers have already done their resolution posts, or posted about how they aren’t going to post about their resolutions. I’m sorry I’m late to this particular party- my laptop died recently and I am sneakily posting this from an undisclosed location. I wanted to get it up because I have said a few times I was going to. Since my doctors assure me that you on the other side of this stream of data are in fact real- I figured I should probably not disappoint.

I have a few goals for the New Year. I am resisting calling them resolutions because according to an article I read on Cracked once if you call them resolutions you have already doomed yourself to failure. A New Year’s resolution has a definitive start and stop time and a clear pass/fail criteria. Goals on the other hand are fluid. They can, and should, change. So I am resolved to not call them resolutions.

So without further ado (and because my actions are being tracked and monitored) here are my goals for 2015.

– Successfully edit my Nanowrimo 2014 manuscript (including Beta reading).

– Regular updates on this blog. I have been working hard on plans for this blog so hopefully I will be able to follow through.

-Guest-write an article.

-Get paid for something I wrote.

-Create a professional writing website and begin building portfolio.

-Plan Nanowriomo 2015 manuscript

-Downsize my belongings in a meaningful way- not just talk about it.

-Think about paying off my student loan and then promptly laugh.

-Second blog project (unable to disclose details, due to its nature and my day time job- they don’t exactly jive).

-Get a raise/second job/new job.

– Reduce my eat-out/take-out spending to $100/month.

– (Re)Outline 2 of my current projects-in-progress.

-Learn how to shoot a gun.

– Take a writing course.

-Double followers of this blog.

Very writing oriented this year. Of course I’d love to buy a gym membership I would only use once and then cancel for a huge fee and all those other typical resolutions, but this year is going to be a focus on writing and getting my/a professional writing career started so that hopefully in 2016 I can figure out how to make writing a job I get money for and that 2017 I can be writing this in my pj’s from home.  And if I can’t, well surely learning how to shoot a gun will come in handy for….things. Non-bank-robbing things.

What are your resolutions, goals, thoughts for the New Year? Let me know in the comments below!


3 thoughts on ““New Years Resolutions” or “Sorry I’m late to the party”.

  1. All ideas are great in your New Years resolutions. Opps should I say goals. I am sure they are all attainable. Still not sure why you have a goal to shoot a gun. I will leave that one alone for now. Just do what you want in life. Enjoy what your doing. If you have the passion and drive and truly enjoy what your doing, the job won’t feel like a job. It will feel like your playing and not working. I am sure you will write that novel which will make you millions. Then have that novel turned into a mega film which you demand cameo appearances in. Just do what you enjoy and strive towards your goals! Can’t wait to hear how this year goes/went.

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    • Paul actually Other Sister and I are thinking of taking actual gun shooting courses…because we are both deeply concerned about our chances during zombie apocalypse (and that sounds like a joke but its not).


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