“2015 Resolutions Follow Up” or “It’s February already!”

January Recap

I’ve been seeing this a lot across the blogs that I follow. People giving various updates as to their resolutions they set 30 some days ago. Normally I would resist this because, let’s be honest, who really achieves their New Years Resolutions? However, since I didn’t make any resolutions I thought it might be fun to give you a little insight into what I have been doing for the last 30 days…well 26 in my case.

My goals:

1. Successfully edit my Nanowrimo 2014 manuscript (including Beta reading).

I am not as far along on this as I would like, but I have made some progress. In fact I plan on setting aside a chunk of time tomorrow to dedicate to this- but I have another project I need to revise asap (more to come on this!)

2. Regular updates on this blog.

Ummm…well January I didn’t do this so much, mostly because I have been planning to roll this out more so in February. I will be aiming for a once a week update schedule, probably a Saturday or Sunday update. I will be spending some preparing for this as well.

That said I am also taking part in a really cool blog tour-interview thingy! So keep your eye out for some awesome content to do with that as well in February.

3. Guest-write an article.

Working on it. Soon I hope.

4. Get paid for something I wrote.

Something to achieve later this year, once I have a little more in place.

5. Create a professional writing website and begin building portfolio.

This is actually done-ish. It will be more or less ready to launch this month!

6. Plan Nanowriomo 2015 manuscript

Nope. This will probably be done closer to the summer.

7. Downsize my belongings in a meaningful way- not just talk about it.

I have set a goal for myself to tackle one area each weekend and spend no more than 10 minutes on it. I have actually managed to get rid, or re-organize, three boxes worth of stuff. There is still so much more to get through, but it’s a start!

8. Think about paying off my student loan and then promptly laugh.

Achieved daily!

9. Second blog project (unable to disclose details, due to its nature and my day time job- they don’t exactly jive).

This has actually been put on the back burner for the moment due to another very exciting project!

10. Get a raise/second job/new job.

In progress.

11. Reduce my eat-out/take-out spending to $100/month.

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha *sips $7 Starbucks hazelnut macchiato*

12. (Re)Outline 2 of my current projects-in-progress.

Also on the back burner.

13. Learn how to shoot a gun.

Waiting for Other Sister to get on this. We need to find an equidistant shooting range between us.

14. Take a writing course.

Done research on this and came very close to signing up, but then re-looked at finances and I don’t have quite enough money at the moment *sips $7 coffee while ignoring the envelope filled with money labelled ‘Xbox’*

15. Double followers of this blog.

Actually pretty close to this so yay!

What else I have been doing:

  • Probably the most exciting thing, and one that is causing some of my goals to be sidelined, is that I am currently in talks with a local artist to start an online graphic novel. Like for real. Like this might actually be happening. I am looking at what I need to do to move forward with this project, as well as finish/flesh out the actual script I have written to provide said artist.
  • Building my website. I have spent a good portion of time setting it up, playing around with outlines, designs etc. I am still building it but it will be an ongoing process. I have also set it up to be a professional hub so I can start freelance writing. I have been looking into what I need to do to make that a thing, and am going to spend the next few months getting that part of my writing journey off the ground. I have also decided that once my website is up and running this blog will more or less remain a humour/topical blog while the blog on my ‘professional’ site will be more geared towards writing.
  • Looking at what the next stage of my life is going to look like. This may involve some pretty big changes (possibly location based and complete career changes) and I am both excited and daunted by them. I had a lot of discussions with friends and family determining what I need to do as I consider these changes. In the end I am looking to set up my life so that, while likely I will be making less money over all, I will happier for it. I mean, I am pretty old now and don’t have as much time to waste!

So needless to say I am fairly excited about what the next few months have in store for me. I hope that by this time next year I can look back and marvel at all I was able to accomplish in a year.


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