‘Single Girl Valentine’s Day’ or ‘Obligatory Valentine’s Post’

Valentine's Day 2015

Valentine’s Day is rapidly approaching. It is one of those holidays you either love, hate, or love to hate.  It is one holiday people complain the most about being entirely commercialized- as if any other holiday is exempt from that status.  Yet, in droves people flock to their local drug mart and jewelry store- because those two things go together.  If you were on the ball you made your romantic dinner reservation months in advance- good for you! Enjoy literally bumping elbows with fellow ‘night-outers’ who were as on the ball as you were.  Perhaps you and your sweet heart are planning a night in ordering pizza and watching Netflix in an “I totally forgot to book a reservation but I’m going to play it off I planned it like this” kind of way.

imgfaveYes, it is a magical day full of retailers vomiting red, white, and pink upon us. Coercing us to pick up chocolate even though you haven’t finished that oversized box you got at Christmas still sitting on top of your fridge. These are Valentine’s chocolates- you are totally justified in getting them.  Or, maybe you will pick up lovely roses for your sweetie- spending upwards of fifty dollars for something that will stab you and die in two days’ time. Kind of like the local hobo in front of Tim Hortons- except they cost $1.80 if you do it right.

Then there are the single people. You know, those poor souls you refuse to make eye contact with on that high-holy day of love.  Who will make a reservation for one just to spite you- because they deserve to treat themselves. The ones who will make a point of going out to celebrate singledom with their friends and end the night drunkenly crying into their Ben and Jerry’s.  Oh, woe!

As a single person I am highly aware of my singleness as we come up to V-day.  Aware and grateful I don’t have to make any extra effort to impress someone who, likely, I have already convinced to spend time with me on the regular.  Is there any greater gift than my presence anyways?

As a single gal in the big city here are my plans for this Valentine’s weekend:

  1. Sit eagerly awaiting my 2K International Blog interview to be released.
  2. Clean/organize/pack my apartment with my mom (ensure apartment looks worse than when we started).
  3. Order pizza- wait obscenely long time. (Seriously just make the reservation a head of time next year. Give us single folks a cracking chance at eating at a reasonable time.)
  4. Dress my cat in a cute Valentine’s Day outfit and post pictures ironically.


    You sure you want to do this?

  5. Go to Emergency Room to get cat scratches treated.
  6. Stand in line at the local restaurant that doesn’t take reservations on Valentine’s Day and offer people behind me to give up my spot for money.
  7. See 50 Shades of Grey– because nothing says romantic like sitting in a crowded theatre watching abusive soft porn.
  8. Drink all the wine.
  9. Sleep off all the wine.
  10. Crush Child of Light .
  11. Evaluate life choices.
  12. Drink more wine.

Do you have plans for Valentine’s day? Are you a V-day lover or hater?


6 thoughts on “‘Single Girl Valentine’s Day’ or ‘Obligatory Valentine’s Post’

  1. Your Valentine’s day plans sound pretty awesome to me! Personally, I’m not a big fan of the commercialism of Valentine’s day, but I like the concept of taking time to appreciate those you love. For my Valentine’s day, my husband and I will be going to dinner and a movie, nothing fancy. This is our first Valentine’s day on the same continent (the last two he was still in Australia), so while we’re not big fans, we want to celebrate to “make up” on yet another “couple” tradition we’ve missed out on. (Plus, it’s a great excuse to eat too much chocolate and drink lots of wine!)

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  2. Number 6 is amazing. If you do that would you write about it?

    And for me, I’d like to celebrate Galentine’s Day first (February 13th) – it’s a holiday invented by Leslie Knope from Parks and Recreation, and it celebrates female friendships. I just texted several friends and posted on social media about it, nothing too exciting.

    As for Valentine’s Day, well, I’ll probably watch Parks and Recreation haha. Or binge on Netflix in general.


    • That sounds like a great plan! Don’t shoot me, but I have never watched Parks and Rec, though it is on my to-do list!

      Of course if I gather the courage and will to be outside for that long (my city is under an extreme cold warning) I would definitely write about it. More likely if I am out and about I will just laugh at them all waiting in the cold and walk by with a nice warm beverage in hand.

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      • I highly recommend that show! It’s my favourite. ^_^ Cleverly written with a great cast, and the way it portrays politics and feminism make it so funny and earnest.

        I totally understand if you don’t do it because of the weather. You can save it for another day, right?


      • I will definitely have to check it out! I do like many of the actors on it. Yeah, it’s supposed to be stupidly cold out so I might end up keeping all my Valentine trolling activities indoors haha. There will always be opportunities to troll.

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