Things I’m Too Lazy For: Make-up

Things I'm too lazy for...

Most of my female friends can’t bear to go out into public without putting on make-up. I can’t even fathom how early some of my friends must get up to do their make-up before work. Whereas, I roll out of bed with enough time to quickly shower (maybe), pull my hair up and throw on the closest clothing before I stagger off to work. I wore a shirt backwards to work the other day.  I don’t even give myself time to eat.

Unless I am winning an award I can’t be bothered with that crap. Even then…meh. I’ve recently had interviews, dates, work meetings and official events, all attended without a lick of make-up on.

Who am I trying to impress? There is no one important enough I would give up 10-15 minutes of my time. Time I could use to sleep, eat, watch Youtube, or stare at the wall.

For a few months back when I used to care I would take my make-up to work and put it on when I got in . Then my back started to hurt from dragging my massive make-up bag around with me.

This was just what I could find in the five minutes I took this picture.

This is just what I had on hand in the two minutes I took this picture.

Oh yeah, did I mention I’m kind of obsessed with buying make-up?

I buy tons of make-up I will never wear. I have professional antibacterial brushes and thirty dollar mascara. I’ll spend hours of my time smudging different shadows, foundations, bases, primers, blushes, eye-liners, lip-liners etc on my hand.  Sephora is a death trap for my wallet.

Don’t get me wrong. I can put make-up on.

I can put make-up on like a boss.

I spend countless hours watching make-up tutorials. Learning about highlighting, how to use bronzer properly, how to make cat eyes, or which colour palettes to use for which skin tones.

In fact a lot of my friends want me to do their make-up for them before we go out. If it’s out I might swipe some shadow on with my pinky and call it a night.

I’d like to give you some hippy-dippy reason for my lack of socially expected behaviour. I’m sticking it to the man, or I have a metal allergy and find make-up irritating to my oh-so sensitive skin, or I am against conforming to your gender roles and standards of beauty.

Feel free to believe any or all of those.

Truth is I can’t be bothered.

I’m just too lazy for that.


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