“Did You Know…” or “Shameless Promotional Plugs”

Did You Know...

Did you know that I have been invited to be contributor for an on-line magazine?

My very first piece went up today and you should definitely go check it out. Follow me on my socials here to keep up to date!

Did you know that I also write about writing on my author website ?

You should go check that out too!

And last but not least, did you know that you are awesome?

Seriously you are super rad and I dig you!

Thanks to everyone who supports my blog and writing. The amazing feedback I have gotten over the last few months has been…astonishing, staggering, wonderful…all the feels! I love being able to make people laugh, or cringe as the case may be, and if you enjoy my blog a fraction of the amount I enjoy writing it then mission accomplished!

Anywho, not a super formal post today- just wanted to share the exciting things happening (read: shamelessly promote myself) and thank everyone for the wonderful support.

Check back in tomorrow -I talk about my cat! There will be pictures and cuteness and cookies. It’s bring your own cookies though.

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