“I Want To Be a Ghost Hunter” aka “I’ve Been Procrastinating”

I want to be a Ghost Hunter

You may have noticed I have been a little MIA recently. If you haven’t noticed I’m deeply hurt. I could be getting eaten by my cat right now and you wouldn’t care would you? Even the neighbours would have noticed the smell by now. Selfish bast-Anyways!

I could give you a laundry list of reasons why I haven’t been blogging, and yes laundry would actually appear on that list, but  I’m not going to. Excuses are for losers and I’m only a loser when I play Risk, or Scrabble, or most board games. Especially Monopoly. Monopoly’s the worst.

So here’s what I have been doing the last month(s).

1. Watching a lot of Ghost Adventures. I am a sucker for these kinds of shows. I totes believe in ghosts because I’ve SEEN them. I have been marathon watching all the episodes in between researching how much ghost hunting equipment costs and Toronto based paranormal societies (to join), and planning paranormal based road trips. Ghost Hunting seems like a fun possible career choice. Obviously I would have to vlog it and then I’d get internet famous and then real famous!

Cat latte

I searched for internet addiction and found this instead. You’re welcome.

2. Watching Buzzfeed videos. Honestly it started with one video, then it progressed to playlists. I watched two hours worth of Buzzfeed videos today. I’m starting to get to that weird place where you feel like these two dimensional people on your screen are your friends. You know, they just GET you. But I can totally stop whenever…if I wanted to.

3. Reading a lot of romance novels. Like a lot. Like one a day and two on Saturdays. I don’t know why these types of novels, which I have never had any interest in in the past, have suddenly sucked me in. I freaking love them and they are so easy to get through and totally don’t make me cry over my hopeless single status.

So lonely.

So, so, lonely.

4. Outlander. If you don’t read or watch Outlander then I have nothing to say to you. You need to check yourself.

5. Writing. I have actually been doing a lot of writing…just not here. I am working hard to finish up some of the projects I have been working on long term. Trouble is I just can’t seem to beat my writer’s ADD. I start on one project and then all of a

Can't be any worse.

Alien Overlords: Can’t be any worse.

sudden I lose all interest and want to work on another…and then I lose interest in that and want to go back to the first one….and then- well you get. I’ve been trying to embrace this, though, instead of listening to the voices that tell me that I will never, ever, finish anything. They also tell me that our alien overlords will be returning soon, so you know, maybe not the most reliable source. I do have tinfoil hats ready though. Better safe than sorry!

6. I travelled! I had an amazing time doing a crazy weekend trip to NYC, DC and New Jersey. It was hella fun and my feet were hella swollen. I had amazing bagels (which I apparently pronounce super funny), and the best New York style pizza-

There ain't no pizza like a NY pizza.

There ain’t no pizza like a NY pizza.

it’s all about the water apparently. I can now say I have eaten Nando’s chicken in three countries; watched a hockey game not in Canada-which was super weird; and I may have killed my liver. Also, Canada we need to get on board with American Starbucks prices. I nearly died when I saw how cheap it was. No really, I think I drank more coffee that weekend than I have my entire life and probably should have been hospitalized. I seriously considered moving based on that factor alone. Come on Harper, let’s get our sh*t together!

So there you have it folks a little insight into the mysteries of my life. It’s okay to be a little jealous.

Hail Zathbog!


5 thoughts on ““I Want To Be a Ghost Hunter” aka “I’ve Been Procrastinating”

  1. It sounds like you’ve been having all kinds of fun! I’ve noticed your romance reading on Goodreads, and I am uber impressed at all the books you’ve been devouring.

    But, let’s get to the most important thing here…WHERE is that Nando’s?!?! It’s one my favorite restaurants from Australia, and I had no idea it was in the U.S. If it’s in NY or NJ, I might make a road trip from CT just for Nando’s.

    Liked by 1 person

    • OMG! Another Nando’s lover! Isn’t it the best? Unfortunately, the only place I currently know of in the US is in DC. If I’m being honest going to Nando’s was the only reason we drove from New Jersey to DC. We just did the other touristy things to justify the drive haha.

      Liked by 1 person

      • That’s so great! Yes, I do love Nando’s. Their fries are phenomenal and the peri peri sauce just can’t be matched. I’ve been meaning to go to DC eventually…and it just moved higher up on my list!


      • It was totally worth it and DC is a lovely city. I wish I had had more time to spend there and explore. I would definitely recommend a visit.

        I may now have to go to Australia so I can say I’ve eaten it in 4 countries. #lifegoals.

        Liked by 1 person

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