Allergic to E Challenge

Allergic to E Challenge

My good friend Kate M Colby has nominated me for the Allergic to E writing challenge!

Taking from her example I will use standard elementary school paragraph requirements- approximately five sentences, without using the letter E.

The biggest challenge I found was not using the word ‘The’. In fact, I wrote a whole paragraph, dusted my hands off content I hadn’t used the letter E at all, did a quick once over with the find function and realized I had used ‘the’ no more than seven times. Funny how the eye can be trained to gloss over those pesky articles.

I think I did a fine job of it. I really enjoyed the challenge and encourage you to give it a go!



Opal stalks, low, stomach scraping along hard wood, moving forward without sound. A toy twirls and zips. Pupils track it cautiously, tail twitching anxiously. It loops low, wings dipping. Claws and fur burst into action. Opal’s vicious pink mouth clamps around bright artificial fur. Paws catch and clutch. It jumps to fly away. Claws dig into fabric. Incisors snap shut around faux throats.  It lays still. Victory! 


2 thoughts on “Allergic to E Challenge

  1. You did a beautiful job with this challenge! And you have quite a gorgeous kitty, too.

    “The” was definitely the biggest challenge for me, too. Your experience reminds me of that challenge when they tell you to count the times the letter “F” is used and most people skip “of.” Sneaky, sneaky letters.


    • Thank you! I had a lot of fun doing it. Thanks for the nom!

      It is strange how aware we are of certain things in the larger words, but those ‘filler’ words don’t register at all. I wondered if it was partly because I am a very fast reader and I likely skip over articles and such.

      I wouldn’t mind trying a larger piece without E in the future as well, it was a good exercise in word choice and really forced me to be aware of what I was writing.

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