The Daydreamer Award

The Daydreamer

Kate M. Colby has nominated me for the Daydreamer Award. I want to thank her for the nomination! She is an amazing gal and has amazing insight into writing craft and indie publishing. She regularly updates with helpful and entertaining posts and has an amazeballs newsletter you should definitely sign up for. If you don’t follow her already you should go do that now. I’ll wait.

Done? Great. Let’s carry on.

This award is right up my alley (as I am sure it is for many writers) because 90% of my day is spent daydreaming! It’s a little different than other blog awards I’ve encountered thus far and I am excited to share some of my dreams with you all.

The Rules:

  1. Share your daydreams, night dreams, and/or goal dreamsdaydreamer
  2. Nominate as many bloggers as you like.


I daydream a lot. Like constantly. I often get distracted by my daydreams while I am trying to do other work. It’s likely you will catch me staring off into space.

I most often daydream about my works in progress (WIP). I am often plotting, living out scenes, killing off characters and resurrecting them. I rerun upcoming scenes over and over, changing slight things, letting it walk a hundred different path ways. I have recently been daydreaming a lot about a nightclub scene for my non-scifi WIP trying to determine what the most natural actions, dialogue etc would be.

I also daydream a lot about upcoming events- meetings, dates, even just dinner with friends. I try to anticipate how the event will go and prepare myself for the social aspect. I am an introvert and while I am not shy (I have no problem being the one on stage giving speeches or running meetings or leading workshops) I do find social situations drain me of my energy. I need to mentally prep myself for this so I have enough energy going into the situations and a plan for how to recuperate after.

On a darker note I also spend a lot of time daydreaming about my apartment burning down. I am terrified that the old electrical in my apartment is going to spontaneously explode or my neighbours are going to leave their cigarette’s burning, or that I left the stove on (even though I don’t cook and can’t remember the last time the stove was on). I unplug nearly everything before I leave my apartment for any extended period of time (like work), but that doesn’t stop my mind from running a hundred different scenarios where I get calls about the apartment burning down, or return to rubble. Luckily, there has never been any real cause for concern.

Night dreams

Oh man. I have vivid dreams all the time. It’s unusual for me to not remember what I have dreamt. A lot of my story ideas come from dreams I’ve had (my NaNoWriMo 2014 novel, for example, stemmed from a dream I had about me and Simon Pegg getting it on in a post apocalyptic world- Simon Pegg comes to me a lot in my dreams). When I was a kid I could even dream lucidly and control what was going on. I envisioned it as a VCR (hahahaha) and could stop, pause, fast forward, or rewind.  While I do dream a lot about apocalypses, as it seems many people do, my dreams are also heavily influenced by my day. I can usually wake up and pinpoint exactly why my brain did what it did the night before. Sometimes though it’s just plain gibberish, albeit vivid gibberish.

Goal dreams 

So many.

I want to be a published author. I want to write for a living (or at least for most of a living). I want to produce an online graphic novel and hob nob with my favourite web comic artists at cons.

I want to afford Starbucks on the daily.

I want to produce Youtube content and start a podcast and basically do everything creative.

I want to keep some tie to my education background- because I love teaching.

I want to de-clutter my apartment and my life.

I want to travel more and maybe one day return to living in the UK.

My Nominees

1. Whitney– Wit and Travesty

2. Jay Dee Archer– I Read Encyclopedias for Fun

3. Kara Jorgen

4. Rubydashes

Thanks again to Kate M. Colby for the nomination!