The Daydreamer Award

The Daydreamer

Kate M. Colby has nominated me for the Daydreamer Award. I want to thank her for the nomination! She is an amazing gal and has amazing insight into writing craft and indie publishing. She regularly updates with helpful and entertaining posts and has an amazeballs newsletter you should definitely sign up for. If you don’t follow her already you should go do that now. I’ll wait.

Done? Great. Let’s carry on.

This award is right up my alley (as I am sure it is for many writers) because 90% of my day is spent daydreaming! It’s a little different than other blog awards I’ve encountered thus far and I am excited to share some of my dreams with you all.

The Rules:

  1. Share your daydreams, night dreams, and/or goal dreamsdaydreamer
  2. Nominate as many bloggers as you like.


I daydream a lot. Like constantly. I often get distracted by my daydreams while I am trying to do other work. It’s likely you will catch me staring off into space.

I most often daydream about my works in progress (WIP). I am often plotting, living out scenes, killing off characters and resurrecting them. I rerun upcoming scenes over and over, changing slight things, letting it walk a hundred different path ways. I have recently been daydreaming a lot about a nightclub scene for my non-scifi WIP trying to determine what the most natural actions, dialogue etc would be.

I also daydream a lot about upcoming events- meetings, dates, even just dinner with friends. I try to anticipate how the event will go and prepare myself for the social aspect. I am an introvert and while I am not shy (I have no problem being the one on stage giving speeches or running meetings or leading workshops) I do find social situations drain me of my energy. I need to mentally prep myself for this so I have enough energy going into the situations and a plan for how to recuperate after.

On a darker note I also spend a lot of time daydreaming about my apartment burning down. I am terrified that the old electrical in my apartment is going to spontaneously explode or my neighbours are going to leave their cigarette’s burning, or that I left the stove on (even though I don’t cook and can’t remember the last time the stove was on). I unplug nearly everything before I leave my apartment for any extended period of time (like work), but that doesn’t stop my mind from running a hundred different scenarios where I get calls about the apartment burning down, or return to rubble. Luckily, there has never been any real cause for concern.

Night dreams

Oh man. I have vivid dreams all the time. It’s unusual for me to not remember what I have dreamt. A lot of my story ideas come from dreams I’ve had (my NaNoWriMo 2014 novel, for example, stemmed from a dream I had about me and Simon Pegg getting it on in a post apocalyptic world- Simon Pegg comes to me a lot in my dreams). When I was a kid I could even dream lucidly and control what was going on. I envisioned it as a VCR (hahahaha) and could stop, pause, fast forward, or rewind.  While I do dream a lot about apocalypses, as it seems many people do, my dreams are also heavily influenced by my day. I can usually wake up and pinpoint exactly why my brain did what it did the night before. Sometimes though it’s just plain gibberish, albeit vivid gibberish.

Goal dreams 

So many.

I want to be a published author. I want to write for a living (or at least for most of a living). I want to produce an online graphic novel and hob nob with my favourite web comic artists at cons.

I want to afford Starbucks on the daily.

I want to produce Youtube content and start a podcast and basically do everything creative.

I want to keep some tie to my education background- because I love teaching.

I want to de-clutter my apartment and my life.

I want to travel more and maybe one day return to living in the UK.

My Nominees

1. Whitney– Wit and Travesty

2. Jay Dee Archer– I Read Encyclopedias for Fun

3. Kara Jorgen

4. Rubydashes

Thanks again to Kate M. Colby for the nomination!


“2015 Resolutions Follow Up” or “It’s February already!”

January Recap

I’ve been seeing this a lot across the blogs that I follow. People giving various updates as to their resolutions they set 30 some days ago. Normally I would resist this because, let’s be honest, who really achieves their New Years Resolutions? However, since I didn’t make any resolutions I thought it might be fun to give you a little insight into what I have been doing for the last 30 days…well 26 in my case.

My goals:

1. Successfully edit my Nanowrimo 2014 manuscript (including Beta reading).

I am not as far along on this as I would like, but I have made some progress. In fact I plan on setting aside a chunk of time tomorrow to dedicate to this- but I have another project I need to revise asap (more to come on this!)

2. Regular updates on this blog.

Ummm…well January I didn’t do this so much, mostly because I have been planning to roll this out more so in February. I will be aiming for a once a week update schedule, probably a Saturday or Sunday update. I will be spending some preparing for this as well.

That said I am also taking part in a really cool blog tour-interview thingy! So keep your eye out for some awesome content to do with that as well in February.

3. Guest-write an article.

Working on it. Soon I hope.

4. Get paid for something I wrote.

Something to achieve later this year, once I have a little more in place.

5. Create a professional writing website and begin building portfolio.

This is actually done-ish. It will be more or less ready to launch this month!

6. Plan Nanowriomo 2015 manuscript

Nope. This will probably be done closer to the summer.

7. Downsize my belongings in a meaningful way- not just talk about it.

I have set a goal for myself to tackle one area each weekend and spend no more than 10 minutes on it. I have actually managed to get rid, or re-organize, three boxes worth of stuff. There is still so much more to get through, but it’s a start!

8. Think about paying off my student loan and then promptly laugh.

Achieved daily!

9. Second blog project (unable to disclose details, due to its nature and my day time job- they don’t exactly jive).

This has actually been put on the back burner for the moment due to another very exciting project!

10. Get a raise/second job/new job.

In progress.

11. Reduce my eat-out/take-out spending to $100/month.

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha *sips $7 Starbucks hazelnut macchiato*

12. (Re)Outline 2 of my current projects-in-progress.

Also on the back burner.

13. Learn how to shoot a gun.

Waiting for Other Sister to get on this. We need to find an equidistant shooting range between us.

14. Take a writing course.

Done research on this and came very close to signing up, but then re-looked at finances and I don’t have quite enough money at the moment *sips $7 coffee while ignoring the envelope filled with money labelled ‘Xbox’*

15. Double followers of this blog.

Actually pretty close to this so yay!

What else I have been doing:

  • Probably the most exciting thing, and one that is causing some of my goals to be sidelined, is that I am currently in talks with a local artist to start an online graphic novel. Like for real. Like this might actually be happening. I am looking at what I need to do to move forward with this project, as well as finish/flesh out the actual script I have written to provide said artist.
  • Building my website. I have spent a good portion of time setting it up, playing around with outlines, designs etc. I am still building it but it will be an ongoing process. I have also set it up to be a professional hub so I can start freelance writing. I have been looking into what I need to do to make that a thing, and am going to spend the next few months getting that part of my writing journey off the ground. I have also decided that once my website is up and running this blog will more or less remain a humour/topical blog while the blog on my ‘professional’ site will be more geared towards writing.
  • Looking at what the next stage of my life is going to look like. This may involve some pretty big changes (possibly location based and complete career changes) and I am both excited and daunted by them. I had a lot of discussions with friends and family determining what I need to do as I consider these changes. In the end I am looking to set up my life so that, while likely I will be making less money over all, I will happier for it. I mean, I am pretty old now and don’t have as much time to waste!

So needless to say I am fairly excited about what the next few months have in store for me. I hope that by this time next year I can look back and marvel at all I was able to accomplish in a year.

“New Years Resolutions” or “Sorry I’m late to the party”.

Yes, It’s January 5th. Yes, I am aware that all the good bloggers have already done their resolution posts, or posted about how they aren’t going to post about their resolutions. I’m sorry I’m late to this particular party- my laptop died recently and I am sneakily posting this from an undisclosed location. I wanted to get it up because I have said a few times I was going to. Since my doctors assure me that you on the other side of this stream of data are in fact real- I figured I should probably not disappoint.

I have a few goals for the New Year. I am resisting calling them resolutions because according to an article I read on Cracked once if you call them resolutions you have already doomed yourself to failure. A New Year’s resolution has a definitive start and stop time and a clear pass/fail criteria. Goals on the other hand are fluid. They can, and should, change. So I am resolved to not call them resolutions.

So without further ado (and because my actions are being tracked and monitored) here are my goals for 2015.

– Successfully edit my Nanowrimo 2014 manuscript (including Beta reading).

– Regular updates on this blog. I have been working hard on plans for this blog so hopefully I will be able to follow through.

-Guest-write an article.

-Get paid for something I wrote.

-Create a professional writing website and begin building portfolio.

-Plan Nanowriomo 2015 manuscript

-Downsize my belongings in a meaningful way- not just talk about it.

-Think about paying off my student loan and then promptly laugh.

-Second blog project (unable to disclose details, due to its nature and my day time job- they don’t exactly jive).

-Get a raise/second job/new job.

– Reduce my eat-out/take-out spending to $100/month.

– (Re)Outline 2 of my current projects-in-progress.

-Learn how to shoot a gun.

– Take a writing course.

-Double followers of this blog.

Very writing oriented this year. Of course I’d love to buy a gym membership I would only use once and then cancel for a huge fee and all those other typical resolutions, but this year is going to be a focus on writing and getting my/a professional writing career started so that hopefully in 2016 I can figure out how to make writing a job I get money for and that 2017 I can be writing this in my pj’s from home.  And if I can’t, well surely learning how to shoot a gun will come in handy for….things. Non-bank-robbing things.

What are your resolutions, goals, thoughts for the New Year? Let me know in the comments below!