“3 Strange Things Online” or “I Went to THAT Part of the Internet Again”

I spend a lot of time on the internet. A lot. As I don’t have cable, because Netflix, I get a lot of my entertainment off Youtube. The funny thing about Youtube is that you can start off the evening by watching funny cat videos and end the evening in some very strange places. I am a habitual side-menu clicker. In fact when I went to check if that side-menu thingy had a name I ended up watching two videos. I may have a problem.

Sometimes in my constant video clicking I come across some very dark things, like creepy pastas about the deep web. Other times I come across videos that make me reflect upon my life choices as I constantly re-watch them. Here are three of my favourite wtf videos.

Chick Chick by Wang Rong Rollin is what I image Lady Gaga would produce if she decided to do a cover of “Old MacDonald”. Once I got over the ‘what did my eyes just see’ moment I actually came to enjoy the actual music and listen to it no less than a few times a week. It just makes me smile.

This Rob Cantor piece is actually kind of a masterpiece. There is so much going on here that it takes a couple watches to really take in every detail he put into it. Plus who doesn’t love a good Shia LaBeouf jab?

I’ll let that one speak for itself.


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